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WOMEN have 3 years strategic plan is from 2015 to 2018 by delivers effective programs working with individuals and communities to develop and use their ability to improve their quality of life, to achieve their potential and contribute to social development and working in partnership with government, authority and community for support to the vulnerable people that affected from health HIV/AIDS, climate change adaptation, natural disaster. WOMEN has individual strategic goals for support the key target such as

Strategic area:


Strategic Area

General Objective


HIV/AIDS Prevention, care and support to PLHIV and most vulnerable people including children.

  1. HIV/AIDS Prevention, care and support to PLHIV and most vulnerable people including children for better health and access health care services.  
  2. To prevent the new HIV infections among entertainment workers and their sweetheart.


Child Rights Governance, Child Protection and Children support.


  1. ANCP-NORAD Strengthening Community Social Systems for Child Protection (SCSCP) in child protection project.
  2. CRG-Empowering children and youth to participate in the commune development processes in children right governance.
  3. EU- Contribution to improve the governance, accountability, inclusiveness and compliance with children and human right in decision making process that affected children and youth. 
  4. Promoting the children right through increasing the quality of life and accessibility in education system of poorest children.


Implementation Social accountability Framework

  1. Promoting Citizen Engagement for Improving Quality Services at Sub-National Level”. The program will provide support the improvement of service delivery in schools, health centres and communes, for rural households in selected districts in Cambodia.   This will be achieved by local government and service providers engaging with communities in the I-SAF process (access to information, open budgets, citizen monitoring) to improve performance and responsiveness.


Sustainable Livelihoods and vocational training

  1. Pre-school (ECCD) and Provide vocational training centre for provide quality skill to group of women, children and youth for basic skill to support their living life and especially for people before plan for migration. Improve income generation among vulnerable children families and women group to establishing the small business at location for responding and survive their live.


Climate Change, adaptation and Natural Resource Management

  1. Improving the quality of community participation in natural resource conservation and project through promote Communities for Sustainable Fisheries Alliance(CSFA)
  2. Strengthening Community and Local Authority Participation in Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Prey Veng (SCALP&DRR-PV)
  3. Trees foundation: The project planning to buy trees for conserve and generate in-come for sustained funding through getting from their producing fruit, sugar, leafs and other benefits.


Organizational Development


  1. To strengthen the capacity of WOMEN to better develop, implement and monitor its Operational Plan and build up good net working with organization in global and working to alignment with government policy and law of the country for support on national strategic plan of poverty reduction and promoting the human right and democracy.


Advocacy for increasing the social accountability framework


  1. Strengthening the social accountability and advocate for support and respond to the community people need of all form injustice happen in their community that affected from the power people or careless of government service to their citizenship. 


WOMEN commits to the following values:

  1. Respect and value vulnerable people and children
  2. Listen and learn from vulnerable people and children
  3. Give hope and opportunity to vulnerable people and children

WOMEN are member of MEDiCAM, Cambodian Climate Change Network, HIV/AIDS Coordination Committee (HACC), National Orphan and Vulnerable children Task Force (NOVCTF) and Child safe Organization (CSO) and implementing partnership with Khmer HIV/AIDS NGO Alliance (KHANA), National Center for HIV/AIDS Dermatology and STI (NCHADS), Asian Development Bank (ADB), FHI 360, Save the children International (SCI), Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED), Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) Ministry of Environment and American World Adoption Association (AWAA).


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