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According implement the together addressing climate change inititative in Prey Veng (TACCI-PV) at Prey Veng the insight significant result in the month was that at Pontaley flooded forestry which it lie about 60 hectares in the Beoung Snae Lake, since the trees had been replanted and flooding trees had been protected, and as the fishes has increased, there are a lot of big birds come to stay in the forests which they are the rare birds that it is only normally seen at Prek Taul at Boeung Tonle Sap. But it is available in
Pontaley flooded forestry. There are about hundred and thousands birds in different species. WOMEN also held the meeting with local authority and community people to take care and protect the birds. WOMEN also requested to all level of local authority to take intervention and inform to people about the important of the birds.
Community people attitudes and behaviors have been changed to the positive practices on climate change and adaptation. The Poun Taley forestry, which have been abandoned and carelessness for the project start, but now the community forestry of Poun Taley has been well protected by the community people and the trees are growing and more birds and animal species coming to stay in this forest. Trees and birds have been well protected. The Community people have shown insights important of the trees and biodiversity that would help them for the long term sustainable for their livelihoods and contributions to adapt to the climate change.

Posted Date: 23/04/2014, Posted by: Admin
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